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Comprehensive VAT Compliance and Planning Services

Enjoy VAT the easy way. From registration applications to returns and liability issues, our comprehensive VAT services will take the pressure off your shoulders.

VAT the Easy Way

For most business owners, mention of the word ‘VAT’ triggers an immediate headache. If you feel the same, our steadfast VAT services could be the solution. These three simple letters stand for ‘value added tax,’ a consumption levy that all goods and service providers are obliged to incorporate into their pricing systems. Unfortunately, living up to VAT obligations isn’t quite as simple as our friends at HMRC like to make out. VAT is a complex, time-consuming process and even the largest of companies make mistakes.

If you’d like to simplify the VAT process, look no further than UWM’s team of expert accountants. Whether you’re struggling with your VAT returns, an application for partial exemption or an up-coming inspection, our friendly team of financial whizzes are here to help. Businesses across the country have counted on our VAT services for over 30 years. And we can help you too.

  • Slash the time costs of VAT management
  • Maximise VAT returns to keep profit margins high
  • Stay compliant with all the latest HMRC regulations

We can help with a wide range of cost effective VAT services that will streamline your entire administrative process. Here’s what to expect:

  • Hands-on assistance with VAT registration
  • Bespoke advice on VAT planning
  • Help choosing the most appropriate scheme for your business activities
  • VAT control and reconciliation
  • Completion of VAT returns
  • Complying with HMRC regulations
  • Support in the event of a VAT inspection
  • Applications for partial exemption
  • VAT on imports and exports

Cash Savvy VAT Solutions

For small to medium-sized businesses, VAT payments can cause serious cash flow issues. Fortunately, HMRC is sympathetic and has designed a range of schemes designed to complement the needs of cash strapped SMEs. Using our comprehensive knowledge of the arena we can help you adopt the best VAT strategy for your individual business needs. The bottom line? Our approach is all about optimising benefits and maximising VAT recovery.

VAT Annual Accounting Scheme // VAT Cash Accounting Scheme // VAT Margin Scheme // Capital Goods Scheme // VAT Retail Schemes

Cashing in on VAT Benefits

VAT isn’t all bad. When you register your business you’ll enjoy the opportunity to claim cash back on certain expenses. We’ll scour your books to find any purchases that are eligible for VAT returns. This means that you can purchase goods or services with the total peace of mind that claim backs will be collected.

Turnover More Than £81,000? You’re Eligible

One aspect of VAT that is relatively simple is determining eligibility. If your business turns over more than £81,000 per year you’re required to register for VAT purposes. Failure to comply will result in a knock on the door from HMRC. Expect fines for late registrations, interest charges, as well as demands for VAT payments from previous sales.

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Ready to save your business time, money and reels of legislative red tape? Contact us today for a complete VAT health check that will get your ‘value added tax’ strategy glowing. With UWM’s comprehensive VAT services, you can enjoy VAT the easy way.

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