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At Urquhart Warner Myers, we love books that inspire us.  These are a few of our favourites.  We have copies of some of these for our clients to thumb through in reception.  Please ask us about them and how they can help you.


Grow Your Business Doing The Simple Stuff That Works
Urquhart Warner Myers with Steve Pipe & Mark Wickersham
Our own guide to understanding how deploying seven simple but powerful growth drivers can make a massive difference to your business. You can get your free copy here.


What is Cloud Accounting?
By Jonathan Myers
Jonathan’s guide to Cloud Accounting shows you what the Cloud is and what the benefits are to you. Get your free copy here.


Good to great
Jim Collins
The common denominators that make companies not just good, but truly great.


Whale Done: The power of positive relationships
Ken Blanchard
How positive encouragement helps people to perform better.


The E-Myth Revisited
Michael Gerber
The classic book that explains how working ‘on’ your business rather than just ‘in’ your business is the key to success.


Start with why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action
Simon Sinek
The importance of identifying and communicating why we do what we do and the impact it can have on our businesses.  If you haven’t done so, watch Simon’s TED talk.  Apparently the most watched TED talk.


Five star service, one star budget: How to create magic moments for your customers that get you noticed, remembered and referred
Michael Heppell
Brilliant service doesn’t have to cost a fortune – 50 tips, examples and strategies to make your customer service truly extraordinary.  How many can you introduce in your business to achieve 5 Star Service?


The One Minute Manager series
Ken Blanchard and others
A quick to read series of books that cover many aspects of leading and managing in an engaging and readable format.

Within the series, must-reads are:


The One Minute Manager
The first book in the series introduces the One Minute Manager and his style of leadership and management style as a parable.


The One Minute Manager – Putting the One Minute Manager to Work
The implementation of the One Minute Manager’s methods told in a parable.


The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey
The definitive self help book that demonstrates how to not pick up other people’s monkeys (tasks) and train those people to handle their own monkeys. An essential read for anyone needing help with time management and delegation.


Gung Ho! How to motivate people in any organisation
Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles
A simple method of inspiring employees and achieving results.


Influence: The psychology of persuasion
Robert B. Cialdini
Fascinating psychological insights into why people say ‘yes’ and how to apply these understandings.


Raving Fans!
Ken Blanchard and  Sheldon Bowles
Required reading for business looking to define a vision of what their customers really want and how to deliver it.


Who Moved My Cheese?
Spencer Johnson
A parable showing different ways of dealing with change in business.   


Delivering Happiness
Tony Hsieh
Fascinating autobiography that details the ups and downs of the founding of Zappos and the importance of putting customer service first.  The audiobook has some great interviews at the end as a bonus.

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